March 24, 2017

Word Family Project

Who Doesn’t Love a Project?

Especially when it’s quick and the family can help out!  I’m blessed in the sense that my class LOVES anything deemed a project!  They ask for projects!!  So I decided to give them one, but not labor intensive because we have our Landform unit coming up and I know that project will be a little time consuming. 

 Each student was given a different list of spelling words from our basal to use for their book.  You could use any list of words. 


The instructions were simple and I always tell my kids to be as creative as possible.  I think this is why they love the projects so much because their uniqueness shines through! 

I was given a rubric by a partner teacher last year so I just tweaked it to fit this project.  Check it out if you want to give it a try!

The best part is when they get to present their books.  We went to another first grade class to share our books.  

They take such pride in what they do.