April 15, 2017


Top Ten
My students love completing the Top Ten topic of the week.  They can’t wait to see what the next topic is for the week.  I let them choose their own topics every now and then. Top Ten can be used across the curriculum.  There really is no limit to what you can use it for. 
How we use Top Ten in the class
A new topic is introduced each week.  I like to pick topics that we are currently studying or may have previously studied.  I do have a collage of pictures and words to help with those writers who have a hard time coming up with ideas. 
My students must show me the list first before moving on to the other activities.  I may correct some of the spelling if a student cannot read the word. I don’t want to take the pleasure away from the writing by correcting spelling errors. Approximations are welcomed and celebrated!
They are allowed to complete the remaining activities in any order they wish.  They have to put the list in alphabetical order, illustrate each word, and write a sentence using the word. 

I may keep a set of activities for each student and put it in their Writing Binder to show at conferences. I allow some students to work together to complete their lists.
 We have create Top Ten list on the following topics:
  • ·      Things that are green, yellow, pink
  • ·      Weather words
  • ·      Things you see in Spring, Fall, Winter, Summer
  • ·      Insects
  • ·      Animals
  • ·      Things we love
  • ·      Places to take a vacation
  • ·      Landforms
  • ·      Favorite movies or TV shows
  • ·      Favorite songs
  • ·      Healthy foods
  • ·      Christmas words
  • Things that produce light

 Students who are hesitant to write enjoy completing the Top Ten activity.  I work with students who have a hard time completing the sentences or coming up with ideas.  We take it a step further and work with one sentence each day.  They write the sentence, read it to a friend, then put the sentence in order.     


I also have some students work with word cards to help with putting the words in alphabetical order.  
Two words, same letter?  What to do?

Checking out the alphabet chart
ideas are endless with what you can do with this activity.  Have you used Top Ten in your classroom?  Let me know how your students enjoy it!!