September 11, 2016

Crazy about Character Traits!

We worked really hard on learning Character Traits!  The unit was full of rich literature and creative activities thanks to Michelle Hudgeons and her 

We read  the following books:

We discussed what character traits were using an anchor chart from 
I loved using the chart to start the whole group lesson.  The visual really helped the kids understand the difference between an inside trait and an outside trait. 

We completed the I am and I am not sort from  Glistening Gems.  It was a FREEBIE!! YAY!
It’s amazing how many students thought they were not chatty.  We also drew pictures of ourselves then wrote the character traits around our self-portrait. 

We also created our Character Capes and tested them out during recess! 

This was an awesome unit to implement in the classroom!  There were still more activities that we will work on later in the year!