September 28, 2016

It's That Time of Year!

We are almost at the end of our First quarter of school.  Conferences are

under way.  It’s when I have so much to tell parents but limited time so I try to

 make the most of those 15 minutes.  The Georgia Department of Education has

 put together Developmental Progressions for grade levels 1-5 in the areas of 

Reading, Speaking and Listening, Writing, and Language.  I’m using it as a 

springboard to let parents know where their child SHOULD be as it relates to 

mastery of standards.  It also gives a few activities to work on at home.  

Developmental Progression for Reading

It’s a great snapshot to show where we want the students to be.  It’s also a lot

easier to explain than pulling out a million standards to show parents.  

Check it out!